Affordable Care Act – What’s Next?

If you missed our E2E seminar – “Affordable Care Act – What’s Next?” – be sure to watch the videos of our speakers:

Erik Christian, Principal Consultant, HR Fit

HR Best Practice and Compliance Changes
How to Manage and Implement Changes for Your Workplace

Erik Christian, Principal Consultant, HR Fit, has a wealth of experience working with private, public and non-profit employers on improving their core HR functions.

James Slotnick, JD, AVP, Advanced Markets and Broker Education, Sun Life Financial

What changes are likely?
How might it affect employers?
When might we expect the changes to be announced?

Other thoughts pursuant to national health care and employer sponsored benefits James Slotnick, JD, AVP, Advanced Markets and Broker Education, Sun Life Financial, has been helping employee benefit brokers, financial advisors, and the end consumer understand the ever-changing insurance industry for more than a decade.

Mike Reier, CEO, Benovate Holdings

Mike Reier, CEO, Benovate Holdings, brought his 25 years of experience as an entrepreneurial, sales, and technology sector leader to us over a working lunch. Mike works with more than 130 Reier Group clients as a change agent, helping organizations effectively develop, assess and deploy marketing and sales solutions to help drive revenue growth.

Larry Grudzien, JD, LLM, Benefit Attorney

PPACA’s current and future points of guidance and compliance
Reporting and planning opportunities
Wellness and self-funding planning opportunities
State Insurance Exchanges – Future?
Private Insurance Exchanges – Future?
Community Based Rating – Will it go away?

Larry Grudzien, JD, LLM, Benefit Attorney, is an attorney practicing exclusively in the field of employee benefits. He has experience in dealing with qualified plans, health and welfare, fringe benefits and executive compensation areas.

Bob Thomas, Vice President, Resourcing Edge

The PEO Solution

Bob Thomas has been with Resourcing Edge for three years and serves as the Vice President of Resourcing Edge and in that capacity has oversight of the Benefits Department and Strategic Partnerships with Agencies and Brokers. Resourcing Edge is a full service provider of Payroll, Employee Benefits, and HR solutions.